Power Tech Generators


Poplin Fabrication is a multi faceted company which specializes in custom metal fabrication for many different applications. We have developed a niche in nautical laser cut art which is thriving in the South Florida market. You will find a variety of different products which we have developed with the help of our imaginative staff and customers.

This company is powered by PowerTechnology Southeast, Inc. which was founded in 1989 with a simple mission statement: build a quality product, deliver it to the customer on a timely basis and support the products to the utmost of our ability.

Today, PowerTech is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of mobile diesel generators. Our product range has expanded into many diverse generator market sectors and ranges from 3KW to 320KW for standby, marine generators, worldwide military projects, and gas/diesel electric vehicles.

The research team at PowerTech continues to experiment, improve and develop more fuel-efficient generators. A major goal of our mission is to develop the ultimate in environmentally-friendly products that will be at the forefront of reduced noise and emissions control.

Strict quality controls are implemented throughout our production process for each generator. These include powder-coated and heat-treated components, automated assembly lines and testing stations.

PowerTech products are distributed world-wide from our manufacturing network base in Leesburg, Florida, USA. They are supported through a distributor and service dealer network in the USA and throughout the world.


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